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クリエイティブ・ディレクターCreative Director

中村洋基Hiroki Nakamura


「ご近所づきあいを、活性化させる方法」を考えて下さい。How to stimulate interaction with neighbors


With the growing trend toward nuclear families, interaction with neighbors is becoming sparse. When the earthquake hit this year and the phones didn't work and transportation stopped, I felt that it would have been reassuring if I was friendlier with my neighbors.
But maybe interaction with neighbors can be stimulated with something simple. Share personal hints about the kinds of situations that could trigger conversation with neighbors. The smallest gestures are fine.


お題 ひらめき Mazer アイデア 決定


I think wish lists like Sumally will catch on in Japan soon. But if it's just a wish list, Amazon has that too. We would need a concrete spin on it, such as limiting it to "Adults buy what children want" or approaching it as a personal flea market with "looking for" and "giving away" lists for the neighborhood. If we bring it to this level, I think the idea could be brought to fruition.



If you found someone in the same apartment building saying, "I made too much stew, so I'm seeking someone to eat it!" that would be sweet. Or "I received too many pears from my parents, so please take some!" I think idea creations like this where you could easily picture the situation are nice. Corny is good!



A very simple mechanism. "Activation" is, in other words, a situation where there is communication. With this idea creation, communication is triggered by simply turning on a switch, whatever the catalyst is. But I don't think the name would be "Oyatsu (snack) System," LOL! I think it's a personal ad system, like the classifieds.



There were many matchmaking service ideas that focused on neighborhoods, and I thought this one was the most innovative and had a feasible approach. In my case, for example, I would register as a hero with the comment, "Ask me anything about computers and the Internet." On the other hand, I am hopeless with simple carpentry jobs and repairs, so I'd like that kind of hero.



I think a lot of people would check this. If I notice a really cute girl working at the neighborhood Lawson and accessed the fan club, there might already be 100 fans. It may be difficult to directly link to activating the neighborhood, but it's a great idea creation.